Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Waning Days of Summer

A Maine summer passes so quickly. Below is a little snapshot of mornings on Bay View beach from the past few weeks. If "The Flotsam Diaries" tends to focus on the ugly, it's with the hope of recognizing & preserving the beauty.
Before the crowds - August 19, 7:00AM
Pipers' return - August 27
A memory - August 27 
Irene's last gasp - August 28
Of ripples and rivulets - September 3
Worlds collide - September 13
Tiger maple - September 13
Backlight - September 18
Bonfire's end - September 18
It's a good place, and it was a good summer.


  1. Thanks! I actually can't wait for winter. A beach in Maine under a low January sun is pretty spectacular. As long as one is well-layered!