Thursday, August 12, 2010

Collection Report August 4, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 7:30AM. Seems the gulls had a late-night party of their own. (Being scavenged, I didn't record these, just put them back in the bin.)
Oh, if anyone wonders why someone can get jazzed about picking up garbage week after week, three words:
Location, Location, Location
Anyway, on to business. Most recent high-tide: 6:04AM, 7.6 feet (the gentlest of all August, say the tide charts). This week's haul was a pretty typical lot, back to big numbers after a quiet couple of weeks. Here's Zone N:
246 finds:
  • Building materials: 6 (inc. section of aluminum framing, reminding me of my languishing soda can experiment)
  • Foam/Styrofoam: 15 (inc. 10 disintegrating pieces from same cup/plate)
  • Fishing misc.: 1 (claw band)
  • Food-related plastics: 37 (inc. my first Lunchables tray find)
  • Food-related metal/glass: 9
  • Non-food/unknown plastics: 22 (inc. small blue peg, piece of rotting woven totebag, a label reading "pull straight")
  • Cigarette filters/plastics: 116 (107 local + 5 possible floaters + 4 wrapper scraps)
  • Paper/wood: 33 (inc. 2 beach towel tags, seedless watermelon label, pepper packet, Funtown Splashtown waterpark receipt, burnt kindling, strip that reads "Fold and Tear Here"
  • Misc./unique: 7 (4 bits of twine, firework piece, hairband, stretchy cord)
Only a couple things stuck out:
Frame's been in the elements a while
Out of one.... many
Zone S was equally pedestrian:
46 finds:
  • Building materials: 1
  • Foam/Styrofoam: 2
  • Fishing misc.: 0
  • Food-related plastics: 9
  • Food-related metal/glass: 6
  • Non-food/unknown plastics: 8 (pirate "gold" coin, brittle bit of electrical tape, 2 beach chair feet, 3 bandaids, plastic hang tag)
  • Cigarette filters/plastics: 17 (12 local + 4 possible floaters + 1 wrapper)
  • Paper/wood: 1
  • Misc./unique: 2 (firework parts)
OK, I like the little pirate coin. And the beer bottle -- so the owner downs the beer, conscientiously puts the cap back on... then leaves the whole thing behind?

And of course it's not always going to be "Whoa, look at that!" I know that's not the point. Still, I'm struggling to find a takeaway or gem this week. So, please feel free to insert an enlightened outro riiiiiiiight.... here.

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