Friday, April 27, 2012

Say It

If you see it, and walk by it, and forget about it, so will everyone else. That moment hinges on you. It's you who has the power to say "Enough."

April 23, 2012
Mr. Robert Collins
Theater Manager
The Cinemagic & IMAX in Saco
779 Portland Road Saco, ME 04072

Dear Mr. Collins:
Yesterday, Earth Day, our family came to Saco Cinemagic to see “The Lorax.” Imagine our shock to see this scene lining the edges of Cinemagic’s parking lot:
It was similar all around the perimeter. 100s of feet just completely trashed.

Obviously litter isn’t just a problem at Cinemagic Saco. It seems it’s everywhere now. Streets, gutters, parks, and of course swirls of garbage in the ocean. I study what washes up onto local beaches, and the amount of pollution in the Gulf of Maine is horrible.

But if we allow scenes like this at our places of business, we’re just making it all worse.

I hope you will take the time to send out crews more regularly to the perimeter of the parking lot, and make it clear that litter & garbage just aren’t OK.

Thanks for your time.


Harold Johnson
“The Flotsam Diaries”

Sent Tuesday, April 24. Will post response if one comes.

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