Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's a Small World After All

Plastic. Bought locally. Acting globally.

Here's Mexico, Denmark, Oman, Serbia, India, and Cyprus.
Here's the USA west coast, England, USA east coast, Norway, Bali, and Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.
This is Lebanon, the Atlantic island of Cape Verde, Tanzania, Australia, China, and Peru.
This list could cycle through every nation, every province, every state, every city. In the entire world. Everywhere that plastic has reached -- including many deserted lands where it shouldn't have reached -- the world has been changed.

Maybe in some parts of the world we can still ignore it, or pretend it's not a problem, or that it'll just go away.

But who's kidding -- There is no "away."

So what do we do? Simple. We fix it. Or we drown in it.

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