Saturday, December 31, 2011

Changing the Game: A Resolution or Three

Can't believe another year has come and gone. As something of a summary of all I've learned & studied over the past two years, I sent in an op-ed to Maine's largest newspaper, The Portland Press Herald this week. And it was published today! (Text below if the link isn't working.)

It's certainly been a strange road since picking up my first bag of beached garbage back in March 2010. But a good one.

For 2012, I have three resolutions:
  • Pick up more flotsam from Maine shores.
  • Learn more about how it's getting there and how to stop it.
  • Share more of what I learn.
#1 is already a given. I just got clearance from the National Fish & Wildlife Service to do weekly cleanups at a protected beach called Curtis Cove in Biddeford:

It's an utterly untouristed little gravelly crescent that's a major catch basin for tons of oceanic plastic garbage. In 2012, in addition to Bay View in Saco, I'm going to be collecting regularly at Curtis Cove, where all the junk I find will be seaborne -- not local drops by beachgoers. For someone looking to learn exactly what and how much is out there in the Gulf of Maine, it's hard to do better than this!

So with Resolution #1 settled, it's up to me to make #2 and #3 happen. And I intend to keep my promise.

From my family to yours, may I wish you all a peaceful, healthy, and very Happy New Year!


  1. Congratulations on the great op-ed, Harry! Also, I can't wait to read your collection reports from Curtis Cove. That's exciting that you're branching out to another beach, and that it's different in that there aren't tourists. That should be very interesting! Happy New Year!

  2. I admire what you do.
    I am a artist on Vancouver Island working with 3 other artists on a project we call Plastic Tide (for now)

    We have been collecting plastics and other debris off the beaches using it as the materials we work with.
    It has changed my life.
    I am working on an albatross skeleton(out of black and white plastic), guts full of plastics.

    keep up the good work!