Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dead of Winter

The blog radio silence got a little too pronounced. A quick rectifier here.

It's been a week of goodbyes:
RIP Spike, 15 1/2 years really wasn't enough
Goodbye '02 Santa Fe, my time with you really -was- enough
4 snowstorms (5th tonight) + below-zero temps = no useful
beachcombing last week, maybe this as well. Enough!
That doesn't mean I've been sitting idle. An ailing cat has been sent on his tearful farewell. An ailing car has been exchanged for one with a warranty and new-car-smell. (No tears were shed.) And I'm starting to wrap my mind back around the business at hand. I have Jan. 14's Collection Report to post soon. A couple teasers:
Frequent find in Pacific, my 1st
Trap confetti
And I also am working the 3rd installment of The Triangle is a Lie. Because there's "recyclable," and there's "recyclable."
Which "recyclable" #1 plastic is this?
All coming soon, I promise. Til then...
"THIS is the moment of creation."
-- John Muir
Farewell to what's gone, welcome to what's on its way.

1 comment:

  1. Harry

    Sorry that your cat passed away. I have a wonderful cat named Meera and two dogs; Kona and Kayla. All of whom are beloved family members.

    IT LOOKS COLD!! I remember that well. Not, exactly N. Maine, but Boston was no freakin' picnic.

    Looking forward to your next "recycling" post. How about a new word? RECYCLIEBLE.... :)

    I've seen a bird eat a bic lighter before. That sucked.

    Stay warm!